About KingsPointe Village

The King Davis Family is behind the 64-year legacy of KingsPointe Village and is rooted in 6 generations of the family. We are proud to continue the family business traditions first started by Ramon King. Ramon and his partners had a vision for an abandoned private airport that was, literally, on the south edge of Tulsa in the 1950s. The development of Holliday Hills Shopping Center was considered very cutting edge for its time. Fifty years later, Ramon’s daughters redeveloped the property into what is now KingsPointe Village Shopping Center.

The new generation of operation is still proud to be rooted in traditions, community activism and mindedness and family values. KingsPointe Village is managed locally by the family with the constant goal of offering superior products and services. Our tenants bring Tulsans the latest fashions and trends, home decor and some of the top-rated restaurants in Tulsa. We are proud that the vast majority of our tenants are Tulsa owned and operated!

With a recent renovation and a fresh new look, KingsPointe Village has added a 6th generation of family that is dedicated and committed to serving Tulsa with the best there is to offer.